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We are an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) located at Graz Airport offering high-quality pilot training up to ATPL(A).

​What makes us different;

·        VISA support for not European Students.

·        Modern aircraft fleet (4x A210, 1x DA40, 2x DA42)

·        Diamond FNPT II simulator based on DA42

·        Professional training by flight instructors with commercial flying background

·        Flexible learning: 90% computer-based training – 10% classroom

·        We offer operations throughout the year, due to our great geographical location and good weather of Graz. 

·        Focus on proper SOPs and commercial attitude already from the first PPL lesson onward to ensure a smooth

         transition on to the first pilot job.

·        High level of standardization. Every lesson is exactly defined and can be easily prepared by the student with the

         information provided

·        Paperless student administration system accessible via the internet

·        All parts of our training facility (office, classroom, simulator, hangars, car park) are located near by the airport.

·        Daily operation from 06:00 until 23:30 local time Monday to Friday and we offer courses and flying on weekends.

·        Infrastructure of an international airport (Radar, ILS, VOR, NDB, customs)

·        Rent & Fly – Whenever you feel like

·        No membership and registration fee

·        Special price packages available for advance payment.

·        Individual offers for long term rental by individual or other flying schools

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