Aquila A210

Single-engine, two-seat engine airplane in fiber composite construction and one of the best two-seated aircraft on the market. Equipped with following ;

  • VFR & N-VFR certified

  • Leather interior

  • GPSMAP 496 including all VFR reporting points and Terrain warning

  • Garmin G340 Audio Panel

  • Garmin G430 COM/NAV/GNSS

  • Garmin GI106A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator

  • Garmin GTX330 Mode S Transponder

  • 406 MHZ ELT

  • Bose X Headsets with active noise reduction

    Price: 2.88 €/min incl. 20% VAT (from take-off to landing)

Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)

Diamond Star DA40TDI

is a modern single engine, four-seated aircraft, which is very easy to handle (Single Lever Power Control).

  • IFR certified

  • Leather interior


  • BENDIX/KING KCS55A Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)

  • GARMIN GI106A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator

  • BF-GOODRICH WX500 Stormscope

  • BENDIX/KING KAP140 Autopilot (2 Axis)

  • GARMIN GTX330 Transponder Mode S

  • 406 MHZ ELT

  • David Clark H10-13.4 Headsets (4x)

Price : 4.40€/min incl. 20% VAT (from take-off to landing)

Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)

 DA42TDI Twin Star

is a double engine, four-seated aircraft and allows for affordable, modern MEP-Class flying.

  • IFR certified

  • Leather interior

  • GARMIN G1000

  • TKS Ice Protection System

  • Stormscope

  • Traffic Advisory System

  • Long Range Tanks (approx. 7 hours endurance)

  • Oxygen System

  • David Clark H10-13.4 Headsets (4x)

Price: 8.40 €/min incl. 20% VAT (from take-off to landing)

Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)

Terms and conditions

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