We are proud to introduce some of our graduate student pilot and share there feedback as they already made a successful career as professional pilot  going though our flight training. 

“I particularly remember the modern aircraft fleet, the short distances between the training rooms to the hangar, always

motivated, and always available flight instructors. The planes were always in very good condition and there was never a situation where I had to stay on the ground because there was no plane available. 

The AAT flight school works in my opinion with very professional and well thought out SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), which helped me a lot, especially when I started my career and my first type rating course. The location at Graz Airport could not be better for a flight training, since the low volume of traffic means that small aircraft can easily be used to train visual flight (VFR), but all navigation systems for professional and effective instrument flight training (IFR) are still available.”

— Lucks Eberhardt

First Officer at Ryanair

I am very satisfied with Austrian Aviation Training,
they provided me with the knowledge and skills 
required to become a First Officer with a large 

The instructors have lots of experience in 
commercial aviation, training is done to a 
very high standard with firmly set procedures 
similar to those in an airline environment, 
the staff are very supportive and always 
ready to help.

— Matej Klemencic

First Officer at Ryanair

“The flexible and modular training  at AAT has proven to be ideal for me, since I completed the entire training alongside my full-time job as a technician. The decisive factors for choosing AAT were the location at Graz Airport, the modern, uniform fleet, the fair, transparent and risk-free concept of payment after using a service, as well as the free and flexible timing of the training without a contract.

Especially the IFR training with the strong focus on conventional radio navigation and the support of professional pilots prepared me very well for my first airline assessment shortly after my training at AAT.”

— Sven Ruprecht
First Officer at Ryanair

Austrian Aviation Training really prepared me for professional pilot career. I had very much enjoyed my flight training at Graz Airport from private pilot to professional pilot training .

In particular, the Diamond fleet and including a cost-effective simulator as I found very valuable.

I was able to take a seat in an airline cockpit in very short time.

— Florian

First Officer at Buzz